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Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/recording artist.
Rock, blues, country, originals.

Actor, writer, visual artist.

Read interview with Smokey on his life and career, as it led to his creation of NFTs:

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Bob "Smokey" Miles as Santa Claus in this press conference that aired on NBC and Peacock Networks before the Bengals/Steelers NFL game 12/23/23.
"50 Years of Uncle Lloydie" - By Smokey Miles
From Smokey: I'm excited about this! Uncle Lloydie - legendary filmmaker and head of Troma Entertainment, Lloyd Kaufman inspired this song, and the video is wild - filled with snippets of TROMA movies!!! It's been truly a wonderful adventure being involved with TROMA for many years. It's taken me to the Cannes Film Festival, Tromadances, Sundance, AFMs, book-signings, Comicon, Comikaze, movie shoots, live-action movie screenings, hosting Freak of the Week Shows and being in lots of independent films. I've met and worked with some unbelievably creative and energetic filmmakers, artists and actors with unique visions - really cool folks. Lloyd is amazingly energetic, an independent cinema visionary, one of a kind writer/director, and inspiration to so many to just go ahead and make their own projects, whatever they are. TROMA films are Rabelesian over the top creations, amazing how they are made and turn out on small budgets. People who have started out with TROMA have gone on to have huge successes and some folks influenced by and friends of TROMA are legendary.
Social Distance Dance
New song and video from Smokey Miles. A lighter touch on how we each do our social distancing during this difficult pandemic. Let's keep our spirits up the best we can!
The Ballad of Hobo Joe
Written & Performed by: Smokey Miles (
Directed by: Todd Felderstein (

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SMOKEY MILES MUSIC VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS (The Ballad of Hobo Joe) (Poultrygeist) (Zombie) (Aluminum Man) (Charlie Sheen)
Charlie Sheen video as seen on TMZ! (Social Distance Dance) (Fifty Years of Uncle Lloydie) (Bill Plympton) (Smokey Miles & Julie Newmar live at Streets Art Gallery Beverly Hills) (If We Get Born Again w Diana Govasary)
SMOKEY MILES ACTOR (Internet Movie Database page) (lead as "Einstein" in Picnic Tool music video) (lead in "The Vamps Next Door" series) (piano player in final scene of "Twin Peaks") (Red Alert 3, as Albert Einstein, w Tim Curry, Andrew Divoff, Peter Stormare)
Acting highlights in music videos from other artists  (performer in Bob Dylan "Must Be Santa" video) (Enrique Iglesias “Lloro Por Ti”) (Jamie Foxx feat. Kanye West “Extravaganza”) (Incubus “Black Heart Inertia”)
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"Always a great time! We've booked Smokey several times now for personal events and he always adds a wonderful atmosphere to the party. A great musician and really knows how to work a crowd with his music!"
- Lisa B.
"The Hit of Our Party! Smokey was absolutely amazing! He was so wonderful to work with and his performance was amazing. Our guests were delighted by the experience!
- Lauren B.
"Composer Extraordinaire! Smokey and I collaborated on the feature documentary MAGIC(S) where he created the music. The film went on to win 5 "Bests" from around the world including "Best Soundtrack" from the LA Indies. The recording process was inspiring and a whole lot of fun.
- Todd F.


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